Top Shelf Black Sambuca

by Still Spirits
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Purple liqueur with a strong aniseed and delicate liquorice flavour. 

Add essence and 790ml Alcohol @ 40% to Still Spirits Liqueur Base "A" (made up as per Liqueur Base A instructions). Alternatively 150ml Sugar and 100ml Liquid Glucose. Top up to 1.125L with water. Gluten Free.

Cocktail Suggestion: Dracula's Kiss

This martini is inspired by a recipe on The Spirit website. It’s a variation on the classic Licorice Stick, using black sambuca as its base. Not everyone loves the taste of sambuca, but the inclusion of chocolate-flavoured liqueur gives this drink wider appeal. For extra dramatic effect, pour grenadine into a small vial and add a drop of “blood” to each drink before serving. 

In a martini shaker, shake ice, black sambuca, vodka and crème de cacao. Strain and pour into a martini glass. Add drop of grenadine. Garnish with licorice.

Still Spirits Top Shelf Black Sambuca