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Turbo 500 FAQs

These are the most common questions people ask us about the Turbo 500.

Why is there a dramatic/erratic change in temperature during my run?

Foaming has occurred in the boiler and has been drawn into the column.

To avoid this ensure;

  • wash is properly fermented
  • double or start using distilling conditioner
  • do not over fill the boiler
  • use ceramic saddles.

Why is there alcohol leaking from the top of the column?

The unit is overheating and the reflux process is not working efficiently. This releases excess vapour through the top of the column which is condensing back to alcohol.


  • Check unit is plumbed correctly
  • Check thermometers are in correct order
  • Ensure water flow set-up is organised with controller next to still
  • Increase water flow, unit is too hot


  • Clean and repack ceramic saddles
  • Replace saddles if needed
  • If you have further problems contact your retailer.

Why is there water leaking from bottom thermometer probe?

It is likely that there is a water flow issue. Check that the unit is plumbed correctly, Check for obstruction in outlet block and turn water down, check total set-up. Water flow should be not much more than 500 ml per minute, otherwise the still will not function properly. If you have further problems contact your retailer.

Why is my still providing a poor quality alcohol?

The reason why your alcohol quality is not the best is because your condenser is running too hot. If the alcohol is coming out hot, then this is a sign the unit is running too hot. Operate your unit at lower temperature, closer to 55 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is fluctuating, ceramic saddles may need a clean and repack.

Why am I receiving a lower yield?

The reason why you have received a lower yield is that the wash has produced less alcohol. This may be due to the wash completely fermenting out. To avoid this check that Specific Gravity is under 990. Or the wash has stopped during fermentation; check that your brewing temperatures are correct.

When I am cleaning my T500, water runs out from the crack between the plastic at the top and the metal tower, should this happen? Will spirit escape during distilling?

Yes this will happen during cleaning as there is no seal at the top of the tower between the top cap and the stainless steel condenser. This does not have any effect on the operation of the still, as the reflux process causes a vacuum effect sucking all vapour from the tower to the condenser.

Why is my spirit coming out in spurts rather than an even stream?

This is a result of your T500 column not being straight. This causes the spirit to back up at the entrance to the main condenser. It is important the column is vertical at all times.

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