How to get the best Alcohol Purity & Yield with the Still Spirits Turbo 500

The Purity and Yield of the Alcohol will vary depending on factors such as;

  • The type of sugar you ferment
  • The choice of yeast
  • Temperature the yeast is fermented at
  • How well the wash is cleared
  • Control of the water outlet temperature

    “Purity” describes the strength of the Alcohol produced by the Distillation. In the development work, the T500 delivered 92 to 93% strength alcohol, using well prepared washes that were cleared. The "Yield” describes the effectiveness of Alcohol extraction from the wash. The higher the yield  the less Alcohol is left behind in the boiler. With care and attention to wash clearing and the distillation process, you can expect to recover 95% or more of the Alcohol fermented in the wash. Click here to check out our range or yeasts, carbons, clearing agents and sugars.

    Please note: It’s illegal to distil alcohol for consumption in Australia without a license from the Customs & Excise Department.

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