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WINTER SALE: Save 10% off Still Spirits Consumables with code SS10

PRE-ORDER: Turbo 500 PURE STARTER Distillery Kit: Make Pure 93% Ethanol Alcohol For Herbal Tinctures, Hand Sanitiser & Essential Oils + 3 YEAR WARRANTY (Estimated September 2022)

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Estimated Delivery Time

We estimate receiving new stock in September 2022 (although it might be earlier - or later). If there are any further delays, you are welcome to cancel your pre-order at any time for a full refund ⭐️

This pack will allow you to make Pure 93% Ethanol Alcohol with the Turbo 500. This alcohol can be used in a variety of applications including hand sanitiser, herbal tinctures and essential oils.

It comes with two packets of Classic 8 Yeast, Turbo Carbon and Turbo Clear. To ferment each pack, you will need 8kgs of sugar or dextrose per pack, 16kgs of sugar or dextrose total, which you can purchase from the supermarket. We also sell boxes of 12kgs Turbo Sugar, 12kgs dextrose, and bags of 25kgs dextrose.

Each Classic 8 yeast packet will make approximately 5L of 93% ethanol alcohol. With this kit plus 16kgs of sugar or dextrose, you will be able to make 10L of 93% ethanol alcohol.

Kit Contents:

  • Turbo 500 Stainless Steel Condenser
  • Mangrove Jacks Boiler
  • 25L Fermenter with Tap, Airlock, Grommet & Stick On Thermometer (to make the wash)
  • 15L Carbouy Fermenter with Tap, Airlock, Grommet & Stick On Thermometer (to mix you final solution)
  • Stirring Spoon
  • Hydrometer (to measure specific gravity of the wash)
  • Alcometer (to measure ABV of final ethanol alcohol)
  • 5L Measuring Jug
  • 2 x Classic 8 Yeast, Carbon and Clear (makes 10L of 93% ethanol alcohol when you add 16kgs of sugar or dextrose)
  • Distillers Conditioner (defoaming agent)
  • 2 x ECD Cold Water Detergent 25g
  • 2 x No Rinse Steriliser 25g

Please view here the complete instructions for making Pure 93% Ethanol Alcohol with the Turbo 500. We also have two how-to videos and underneath if you prefer to follow these.

We also have a recipe on How to Make Hand Sanitiser which can be found here:

Water Flow Regulator: Do you need the Water Flow Regulator? If you are using your household water supply, we highly recommend it. Click here to read more

NB: Products may arrive in multiple boxes

VIDEO ONE: Distilling with the Turbo 500 - How to make a wash (please note, the below video uses Classic 6 yeast that uses 6kgs of sugar, and you will have Classic 8 yeast which uses 8kgs of sugar. The method is the same however please refer to the yeast packet for exact instructions. 

VIDEO TWO: Distilling with the Turbo 500 - Distillation 

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