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Still Spirits Heat Yeast, Carbon & Clear Double Pack

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Just add sugar! 

Our Heat Turbo Yeast Double Pack contains all the ingredients you need to create 2 batches of commercial grade alcohol with your Still Spirits Turbo 500. Each batch will yield approximately 3.5L of 93% alcohol.

10 x Still Spirits Heat Turbo Yeast

  • The only Turbo to use when the air temperature is above 33 degrees celsius. Delivers excellent quality alcohol in hot conditions. Heat Turbo Yeast is also the only yeast we recommend for "stacking". Up to a 200 litre volume can be fermented using 8 sachets (providing the start liquid temperature and air temperature are both 20 degrees. We recommend you use Turbo Carbon as it will significantly improve the performance of Heat Turbo Yeast.

10 x Still Spirits Turbo Carbon 

  • For the ultimate spirit quality! Turbo Carbon is specifically designed for use during fermentation, and is the perfect alternative to Turbo Sugar where it is unavailable. It has a unique activated internal pore structure which removes impurities not taken out by post distillation filtration. It significantly improves the performance of all Turbo Yeasts.

10 x Still Spirits Turbo Clear 

  • Transform your alcohol quality! Turbo Clear is added directly into your turbo wash and within 24 hours removes over 95% of the yeast cells, solids and other compounds from the wash. If Turbo Clear is not used then yeast cells will break open during the boiling process releasing off flavour and smell into your distillate but also impurities absorbed by fermentation clays and carbons will be released back into the distillate. For the very best alcohol QUALITY use Turbo clear in every wash and rack before distillation.

All our yeast has a minimum expiry date of 6 months after purchase. If you keep the yeast refrigerated, it was last an extra year past the expiry date.