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Series X Plus Kegerator for 2x Commercial 50L Kegs - 1x Single Tap (Left or Right) with FREE FULL 6KG CO2 Bottle

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Series X Plus Kegerator for Commercial Keg Users

The Series X Plus can fit and tap:

- 2 x 50L Commercial kegs


- 1 x 50L Kegs + 3 x 20L Kegs


- 2 x 30L Kegs + 2 x 20L Kegs

With this much versatility, you'll be able to tap the widest range of kegs and dispense with ease. We would recommend finding out what style of kegs you will be tapping as each brewery can have different "keg couplings". 

The two most common in Australia are A-Type and D-Type.

The slide on couplers are A-Type are your Lion Nathan kegs and most new Craft Breweries.

Twist on Coupler is D-Type are the CUB (Carlton United Brewery) kegs.

If specified S-Type, it is also a twist type but with a larger internal piece.

This setup came with:

1 x Series X Plus Base Kegerator Kit with MK4 Regulator

  •     1 x MK4 CO2 Type 30 Gas Regulator with 8mm duotight x FFL fitting
  •      1 x Set of 6 castor wheels (3 lockable, 3 non-fixed)
  •      1 x Stainless Steel Guard Rail
  •      1 x Font fan split tubing for the two font ports
  •      1 x Integrated Font Fan
  •      1 x CO2 Cylinder Bracket holder (for 2.6kg Cylinder only)
  •      2 x Black Plastic Drip Trays

Series X Plus Dimensions:
- 900mm Wide
- 708mm Deep
- 840mm (Excluding castor wheels and guard rail)

From your selection of Kegs/Tap formation you will receive:

Single Tap Option:

  • 1 x Brushed Stainless Single Font Kit
  • 1 x NukaTap SS (Forward Sealing Tap)

    And you have the choice of Keg Couplers -

    Please note, this listing allows you to add only one coupler if needed, if you require more than one please follow the links above to add another to your cart.

    Minimum Clearance Required Around the Series X Plus

    The Series X Plus kegerator has radiators in the left- and right-hand walls of the kegerator. These radiators need to be well ventilated so that heat can be dissipated from within the kegerator to the external environment. A minimum of 100mm clearance is required on the left- and right-hand side and the back of the kegerator. Failure to leave this clearance may void the warranty as it is essential for proper cooling and can cause high electrical consumption and may cause the kegerator to fail prematurely.