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S-Type Coupler - Full Stainless Steel - duotight 5/8" to 8mm push in

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S-Type Keg Coupler - Full Stainless - duotight 5/8" to 8mm push in

The S-Type Coupler has a noticeable longer engaging pin than the almost identical D-Type Coupler. Suitable for attaching Asahi, Heineken, Hofbrau Kegs.


  • 1 x - D-Type Coupler with 5/8" Male Beer and Gas threads
  • 2 x - duotight 5/8" duotight to 8mm push in
  • 1 x - Non-Return Ball or Torpedo check piece (Non-Return Liquid)
  • 1 x - Gas Duck Bill valve (Non-Return Gas)

How to install Gas Duck Bill Valve

Remove black EPDM washer inside 1 of the duotight push in fittings that you will use for gas. The duck bill valve is a washer as well as a non-return check piece. It is optional, you do not have to use the non-return check pieces for gas or liquid.

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