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Oak Barrel 6.5L BadMo P3 American Oak Medium-Plus Toast Char 3 Badmotivator Legacy Barrel

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Elevate Your Spirits with the popular Badmotivator Legacy Barrels – We are now shipping Australia-wide!

The toast and char levels of a barrel have a significant impact on the final flavour profile of a spirit. Here are some general suggestions based on different toasting and charring combinations:

Medium-Plus Toast, Char 3:

• Scotch: A deeper toast and more significant char contribute complexity to Scotch-style whiskies.

• Aged Rum: This combo can give the rum more depth and a more balanced profile.

• Mezcal: For those interested in aging Mezcal-style spirits, a medium-plus toast and #3 char can add a lot of intrigue without overwhelming the spirit’s natural smokiness.

Read our complete guide to preservation & flavouring notes of Badmotivator Legacy Barrels here – Badmotivator Guide

Elevate Your Spirits with a Quartersawn American White Oak Barrel

Immerse yourself in the blend of art and craftsmanship with our American White Oak Barrel. Aged gracefully under Missouri’s skies for a whopping 48 months, this barrel isn’t just wood; it’s a story waiting to fuse with your spirits.


  • Made from Quartersawn American White Oak, known for its ability to age sprits for a long time (Up to 15 or more years).
  • Stainless steel can and spigot provide an inert material that won’t impact the flavour
  • White Oak bung and beeswax application ensure a tight seal for optimal aging.


With a 6.5 L capacity, this barrel is ideal for achieving exceptional results.


Includes the bung used for testing and an additional new unused bung.

Dive into a world where wood meets wonder. With our Quartersawn American White Oak Barrel, every sip is a journey.

Please note that the unique aging process may result in variations in appearance and texture, adding to the barrel’s distinctiveness. Every barrel comes with its own unique serial number, so the one you receive might differ from the one shown in the picture.

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 25 cm