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Molino Plant Grinder Essential Oils Italian Made Direct Import

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$3,997 - $3,997
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Size: 3L

Distilling Equipment Direct ImportšŸ‡®šŸ‡¹ This product is sent to youĀ directĀ from Italy.Ā Handling time is one week and shipping time 1 - 3 weeks. All customs,Ā duty and taxes are paid. Full tracking is provided and price isĀ inclusive of insurance and airfreight. šŸ‡®šŸ‡¹


The process of cutting off the dried plant material (dried plants,Ā roots, seeds, nuts ..) in particles of different grain size. TheĀ grinding is done through the use of mills with sieve. The choice ofĀ the sieve depends on the characteristics of the starting materialĀ and the use to which the ground material is intended (cuttingĀ dried herbs, flavorings for foods, raw material for extractions).Ā The plant material once triturated must be subjected to sievingĀ to remove any traces of dust and plant parts with a particle sizeĀ not homogeneous.

What to use it for?
  • Leaves and small branches
  • Flowers
  • Roots
  • Seeds and dried fruits
To make:
  • Prepared for Infusions and herbal teas
  • Flavorings for foods

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