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Microwave Extractor for Essential Oils 100mL Distiller Italian Made Direct Import

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Distilling Equipment Direct Import🇮🇹 This product is sent to you direct from Italy. Handling time is one week and shipping time 1 - 3 weeks. All customs, duty and taxes are paid. Full tracking is provided and price is inclusive of insurance and airfreight. 🇮🇹



Microwave extractor 100 ml for essential oils is constructed entirely of glass and is equipped with all the components in order to make the process of extraction of essential oils (excluding microwave): 100 ml glass conical flask for raw material, curve fitting, condenser, conical flask for collecting extraction, clamps, plastic pipettes and glass tubes


Microwave extractor 100 ml is used for the extraction of essential oils from medicinal plants by use of a microwave oven. It can be use for all plants fresh and dried, including citrus peels. For dry materials, it is appropriate to insert inside the flask for the raw material, 10-20 ml of water. Here are some of the various plants that can be distiillare with the extractor: lavender, mint, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, sage, oregano, chamomile, rose, lilac, eucalyptus, lemon balm, savory, wormwood, basil, herb verbena, cypress, pine, mountain pine, helichrysum, geranium, juniper, mastic, marjoram, parsley, rue, turpentine, jasmine, lamb's lettuce, etc.


  1. Put inside the flask the raw material between 10 and 30 g.
  2. Mount the distiller by fixing the glass parts with the three clamps.
  3. Place the extractor inside the microwave.
  4. Set the working power of the microwave oven at 100 W (or the minimum allowed) and operate the device for a time comprised between 10 and 20 minuii.
  5. After ending the process, the distiller must be left to cool for 10 minutes.
  6. Remove the receiver flask, take the extract with the plastic pipette and put it in the collecting tubes of the product.

When you are finished using the extractor, you should clean the microwave extractor.

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