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Flat Rate $12 Shipping or FREE when you spend $200+

Maceratore Macerator 70L - 125L Essential Oils Italian Made Direct Import

Original price $2,997 - Original price $3,997
Original price
$2,997 - $3,997
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Size: 70L

Distilling Equipment Direct Import🇮🇹 This product is sent to you direct from Italy. Handling time is one week and shipping time time via sea freight approximately 5 weeks. All customs, duty and taxes are paid. Full tracking is provided and price is inclusive of insurance and sea freight. 🇮🇹


The maceration is a technique of extraction which is done at ambient temperature.
Consists of immersing the plant suitably chopped (fresh or dried) in a liquid inside a
hermetically sealed container, for a variable time, depending on the plant material and the liquid used.The solvent should be chosen according to the chemical nature of the compounds contained within the plant, taking account of their solubility and the use to which you want to make the extract. The alcohol generally is the solvent that is most used for hydrophilic plants, that is soluble in water, and for plants lipophilic, soluble in oil or other organic solvents. It uses a vegetable oil when you want to isolate only the components lipophilic (fat), while the water is used to extract only the principles hydrophilic.

What to use it for?
  • Leaves and small branches
  • Flowers
  • Roots
To make:
  • Macerated
  • Squeezy extract
  • Oleolite