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Estrattore Extractor Spring 12L Essential Oils Distiller Italian Made Direct Import

3 reviews
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$1,495 - $1,895
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Distilling Equipment Direct Import🇮🇹 This product is sent to you direct from Italy. Handling time is one week and shipping time 1 - 3 weeks. All customs, duty and taxes are paid. Full tracking is provided and price is inclusive of insurance and airfreight. 🇮🇹


The steam distillation is a technique that allows to extract essential oils from herbs (fresh or dried) by their transport by water vapor. The passage of the steam, generated by boiling water, through the plant material, makes the cell walls more permeable, up to breakage and leakage of the essential oil, which is condensed in a serpentine cooled by a recirculating water, separating into essential oil and floral water. The essential oil settles on the surface as it has lower density.


The extractor for essential oils (commonly called alembic, or distiller) is totally made of stainless steel and is equipped with all the components in order to extract the essential oils:

  • Boiler
  • Upper and lower grille
  • Stainless steel connection pipe of steam
  • PYREX glass '5 bubbles' cooling burette
  • Connection tube cooling system
  • User manual and instruction


The distiller is used to extract essential oils from medicinal plants using the vapor stream. Can use the extractor (distiller) for all the fresh and dried plants whose oil can be extracted by vapor stream. here are some of the various plants that we can distill with the extractor: lavender, mint, rosemary, thyme, bay, sage, oregano, chamomile, rose, eucalyptus, lemon balm, savory, wormwood, basil, herb verbena, cypress, pine, mountain pine, helichrysum, geranium, eucalyptus, juniper, mastic, marjoram, parsley, rue, turpentine, valerian, etc.


  1. Place the water in the boiler. The water must not exceed a level established by a grate previously settled at the bottom.
  2. Place the plants in the distiller avoiding the possible formation of preferential exit tubes for the vapor.
  3. Place the top grill and close the lid of the distiller.
  4. Fasten the connection pipe of steam and the '5 bubbles' glass burette.
  5. Turn on the heat source. Operate the cooling system (gas, electric or induction stove) when the temperature reaches 50°C.
  6. Upon reaching the temperature of about 100°C, the steam will capture the essence from the plants, due to the difference in specific weight between the water and the oils.
  7. After about one hour, check the growth of the oil level in the collecting cylinder.
  8. Turn off the heat source when the increase is negligible.
  9. Recover the oil extracted through the separating funnel (accessory not included). Clean the distiller.
What to use it for?
  • Leaves and small branches
  • Flowers
  • Roots
  • Resins
To make:
  • Essential oil
  • Aromatic water

Heat Source

  • These extractors require a heat source. You can use an electric plate or a gas cooker for the 12L model.

Do you need the Separating Funnel with Holder?

This add-on optional accessory is a Pyrex glass funnel which has a teflon tap, suitable for the separation of essential oils. You can used this to separate the essential oil from the aromatic water after the extraction operations. It comes with a support for separating funnel with base plate, support rod and support ring. You can see this accessory at 3.17 minutes in the instructions video below. If you choose not to have this, the essential oils can be seperate by pouring from the collector pictured.


The below video shows you the process from start to finish, demonstrating the steam distillation of the twigs and flowering tops of Rosemary, for the extraction of essential oil with the 12L Estrattore Extractor Spring.

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Cassandra P.
Australia Australia

Wonderful quality

so easy to use, love it!!!

Victoria C.
Australia Australia

Estrattore Extracter Spring 12ltr Distiller

First of all we received this only a couple of weeks after ordering it, great service. I love this machine, it is easy to use and, the instructions are clear. I’ve made a few mistakes but these were just part of the learning process. I am now making lavender and rosemary oil and loving the whole process. It’s exciting and fun, and I have a great product at the end.Thankyou Distillery King for all your help and patience.

A Distillery King Australia Customer
Janet H.
Australia Australia

Just brilliant!

This was my first attempt at distilling oil and it worked brilliantly. A neighbour had a lemon tree blow down in a storm and had sacks of lemons at her gate for us all to dip into. I took a pile of them and distilled the most fabulous fresh lemon oil to use in both baking and other crafts (I'm thinking of having a crack at making scented candles). We often have branches blow off our gum trees too, so I will rescue the eucalyptus oil when that happens. The only down side for me was that Distillery King doesn’t sell a small water pump with the setup. This means you need to connect to a tap to have water flowing through the condenser, and we rely on tank water so that’s very wasteful. I rigged up a bucket full of cold water on the bench and siphoned it through…trying to recycle the water back up into the bucket to be less wasteful. It meant I had to keep topping up the bucket, so I couldn’t leave during the process which was a bit of a drag. I’ve since purchased a small fish tank pump to cycle the water through the system. I would absolutely recommend this gear to anyone interested in distilling essential oils. It’s all super well-made and solid and very easy to use. I imagine using it for decades to come. VERY HAPPY INDEED.

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