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Estrattore ULTRA - Ultrasound Extraction Essential Oils Italian Made Direct Import

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$29,995 - $29,995
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Size: 3L

Distilling Equipment Direct Import🇮🇹 This product is sent to you direct from Italy. Handling time is one week and shipping time 1 - 3 weeks. All customs, duty and taxes are paid. Full tracking is provided and price is inclusive of insurance and airfreight. 🇮🇹


The ultrasound extraction uses a range of frequencies from16 KHz to 100 KHz and requires a liquid that allows the ultrasonic wave to propagate up to the plant product. Ultrasound technology allows the complete extraction of the plant material, preserving the integrity of all the molecules contained in the plant, the type of thermolabile, thermostable, water soluble or fat soluble. The result is a stable mixture of totum of the molecules contained in the plant cell, in a few minutes. Generally, the extraction is more effective with a prior grinding of the plant material, subsequently maintained in suspension for the entire duration of the cycle of extraction by shaking gently. The extraction ultrasound allows a considerable reduction of production times because ultrasound, going to break the cell walls, decrease the times of transfer of the active principles. You can get a liter of macerated in just 15 minutes.This extraction technique is considered “Organic” because the process is only physical. You do not use and do not add chemicals. They can achieve yields very satisfactory and an almost total exhaustion of the plant.

What to use it for?
  • Leaves and small branches
  • Flowers
  • Roots
To make:
  • Water extracted
  • Squeezy extract
  • Oleolite

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