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Duotight 9.5mm (3/8) Push In to 5/8" to suit Keg Couplers and Tap Shanks

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Duotight 9.5mm (3/8) Push In to 5/8" to suit Keg Couplers and Tap Shanks

This straight joiner is suitable for Beer & Gas hosing that is 9.5mm wide.

The thread on this fitting will suit:

  • Standard Keg Couplers with 5/8 thread
  • Standard tap shanks with 5/8 thread
  • Many other home brew fittings with 5/8 Thread

It will not fit the 8mm OD EVABarrier line (with 4 or 5mm ID).

No clamps necessary!

We do recommend cutting your hosing straight, not on an angle, to ensure the line has a complete seal. To remove the fitting simply push in the collet and the hose can be removed. These push in fittings are suitable to be used up to 100 psi

These push in fittings have been engineered for maximised performance in both gas and liquid applications. Compared to other push in fittings on the market, duotight takes the double safety approach to all of the connections with two EPDM o-rings per hose port. No other push ins on the market have EPDM o-rings, let alone two! per push in connection.

What is EPDM?

EPDM = Ethylene Propylene Rubber which has excellent chemical resistance including being compatible with ozone, oils, wide variety of alkaline and acid compounds, water, alcohol, ketone and beverages.

EPDM is also resistant to aging, weather and will not perish easily like other rubber compounds.   When compared with silicon and vinyl EPDM has better gas transmission rates, better wear resistance, is BPA free and is the number one choice for many long lasting food grade applications.