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Icon Liqueur Cafelua

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Just add water and vodka or filtered alcohol

Coffee Liqueur with the rich, bold flavours and aromas of Mexican coffee beans. Just add alcohol and water and shake.

Add the pouch contents to a 750ml bottle, add 100mls of water & top up with vodka or filtered alcohol at 40% ABV.

Cocktail Suggestion: Cafelua Hot Chocolate

The Cafelua Hot Chocolate is just what it sounds like: hot cocoa spiked with Still Spirits Icon Cafelua. It’s hardly even a recipe – you just make the cocoa however you like it, then pour in some Cafelua. This is an absolutely gorgeous drink recipe to enjoy anytime you’re in the mood for hot chocolate. It makes a great dessert alternative, and is wonderful to sip along on when it’s cold out. It’s just as good with chocolate milk instead of cocoa when it’s hot out.


  • Hot cocoa
  • Kahlua

Make some cocoa however you like it, and pour it in an Irish coffee mug. Add some Kahlua. If desired, put whipped cream and chocolate shavings or cocoa powder on top.

Icon Liqueur Cafelua Hot Chocolate