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WINTER SALE: Save 10% off Still Spirits Consumables with code SS10

7 In 1 Faucet Tap Wrench/Spanner Tool - Duotight tube remover

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This handy tool is exactly what you need to fit numerous dispensing applications:

  1. Nut behind your taps (27mm Spanner)
  2. Ring collar connecting your tap to the shank.
  3. Attaching your type 30 Regulator to your CO2 Bottle
  4. FFL fitting to tighten/undo an MFL connection. (e.g. Barbed fitting on CO2 Regulator)
  5. Last but not least, the handy dandy bottle opener.
  6. Remove 8mm tubing from duotight fittings
  7. Remove 9.5mm tubing from duotight fittings.

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