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Still Spirits Top Shelf Essences

Here is the list of essences you can choose from as part of your STARTER PLUS or SUPER STARTER pack:

  1. Absinthe: Popular with artisans of the 1900's. Add sugar and water and wait for the 'Green Fairy' to be unleashed.

  2. Apple Brandy: Distinctive fruity apply flavours, followed by rich brandy notes. Similar to Calvados Brandy.

  3. Aussie Gold Rum: This tasty Australian style Dark Rum is rich in 'burnt sugar' and American oak flavour notes. 

  4. Aussie Red Rum: This coloured rum is super smooth while retaining all the burnt sugar and American white oak characteristics of a great golden rum.

  5. Bourbon: A dry style Bourbon with full flavour, typical of the well aged sour mash whiskeys.

  6. Caramel Vodka: Our caramel vodka has a smooth caramel flavour. Delicious on ice, in a mixer or served over ice cream.

  7. Cherry Bourbon: If you like the new Cherry Bourbon that have stormed the market over the past few months you are going to love the new Top Cherry Bourbon.

  8. Citrus Vodka: A complex combination of lemons and limes gives this Vodka its refreshing crisp finish.

  9. Dark Rum: A mellow dark rum that would please the seafarers of old.

  10. Dry Gin: A dry English style Gin for the connoisseur. It has a lovely rich Juniper aroma and taste.

  11. Elderflower Gin: Makes a classic dry gin style with a twist. Juniper led with a summery elderflower fragrant finish.

  12. French Brandy: An excellent complex Napoleon Brandy style. Very smooth and mellow. 

  13. Honey Bourbon: Honey Bourbon has a distinctive honey flavour and aroma which blends with the smooth bourbon notes to give a very rounded appealing drink.

  14. Jamaican Dark RumThis essence has rich, dark, molasses tones and a traditional full Jamaican flavour. 

  15. Jamaican Gold Rum: Complex vanilla, caramel and sweet notes with a strong oaky flavour. Similar to Appleton’s Jamaican Rum.

  16. Kentucky Bourbon: A rich, fruity, sweet, complex Bourbon reminiscent of famous American Bourbons.

  17. Napoleon Brandy: Top Shelf Napoleon Brandy Spirit Essence. A top quality brandy, perfect to add to your desserts this Christmas.

  18. Ouzo: A strong aniseed flavoured spirit popular with Greeks the world over.

  19. Pink Berry Gin: Makes a forest berry gin style with a delicate pink hue, the perfect summer drink.

  20. Pink Grapefruit Gin: Makes a dry gin style with juniper and spice. Balanced by a citrus fusion of pink grapefruit, orange and lime.

  21. Ruby Port: A velvety ruby style port, with great elegance and perfume. Best served at 12-16C.

  22. Rye Whiskey: A light Canadian style whis key flavour. With hints of rye, malt and barley.

  23. Shamrock Whiskey: A smooth and mellow Irish style whiskey flavour with overtones of caramel and vanilla. Formerly Top Shelf Irish Whiskey, this is the same product, the name change is for legal reasons.

  24. Silver Tequila: A clear spirit with a distinctive agave taste and strong peppery bite.

  25. Single Whiskey: A single malt style whiskey flavour. With notes of chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut. Formerly Top Shelf Single Malt Scotch, this is the same product, the name change is for legal reasons.

  26. Smokey Whiskey: A distinctive, single malt style with strong smokey undertones. Formerly Top Shelf Smokey Malt Whiskey, this is the same product, the name change is for legal reasons.

  27. Southern Haze: A smooth, delicious, full-bodied liquor with a touch of sweetness, a mellow aroma and a rich amber colour.

  28. Spiced Rum: A rich golden rum with vanilla and spice notes. Similar to Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum.

  29. Summer Cup No.1: Enjoy a Pimm’s with a slice of lemon on a hot summer’s day? You are going to love our new Top Shelf Summer Cup No.1 Spirit Essence 

  30. Southern Whiskey: Makes a smooth and complex American style whiskey flavour with lingering woody notes. Formerly Top Shelf Tennessee Whiskey, this is the same product, the name change is for legal reasons.

  31. Tequila: A bitter sweet spirit typical of the Mexican national drink.

  32. Whiskey: A complex style whiskey flavour with rich oak and subtle fruity tones. Formerly Top Shelf Scotch Whisky, this is the same product, the name change is for legal reasons.

  33. White Rum: This Caribbean style White Rum makes the perfect base for long cocktails.

  34. Violet Gin: Makes a sweet violet and delicate lavender gin style flavouring, with juniper and balanced botanical notes followed by a hint of citrus.

  35. Vodka: This essence provides the subtle flavours and smoothness found in premium Vodka.