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Water Distillation with the Turbo 500

Water Distillation with the Turbo 500

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  • Remove all saddles from your column and rinse it thoroughly.
  • Connect the short thin tube to the condenser outlet E .
  • Connect the long thick tube over the short thin tube. This will flow into your sink.
  • Connect the long thin tube onto the water inlet B .
  • Connect the white tube on the outlet D . The distilled water will flow from here to your collecting vessel.
  • You don’t need a thermometer for water distillation.


Distilling 20 L (5 US Gal) of water will take about 8-10 hours from start to finish (excluding heating time) and will produce approximately 18 L (4.8 US Gal) of distilled water.

You will need to have:

  • Clock or timer.
  • Large vessel to collect distilled water (as large as the quantity of water initially placed in the boiler).
  • Cooling water supply.
1. Place the boiler body on a firm, level, bench where the waste can discharge into a drain or sink. Add water to your boiler, do not fill beyond the maximum level line on the boiler.

    2. Place the column and boiler lid assembly onto the boiler base. Fasten the four clips that hold the lid onto the boiler. Check the sealing gasket is sittingfirmly onto the boiler with no gaps.

    3. Connect the power to the boiler. The water will take about 80 minutes to heat to boiling temperature.

    4. Before the water begins to boil, turn on the cooling water just enough so that the distillate doesn’t come steaming, but rather flowing in a liquid form.

    5. After you have collected 18 L (4.8 US Gal) of water, (if distilling 20 L (5 US Gal)), turn the boiler power off and disconnect from the power outlet. Turn off the cooling water supply. Be careful when discarding remaining water left in boiler as this will be hot.

    The distilled water must be filtered through the EZ Filter system to ensure any unwanted flavours and aromas from previous washes are removed. Refer to your filter manual for filtering instructions.

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