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Top Shelf Dark Rum: Cocktail Series

Top Shelf Dark Rum: Cocktail Series

Top Shelf Dark Rum is a dramatic yet mellow dark rum with up-front flavour that is styled on popular seafaring rums of olden times. The punch recipe below is a real crowd pleaser and guaranteed to get any party going!

USS Richmond Punch Cocktail 

All hands on deck for the historic quadruple-liquor USS Richmond Punch. This punch from advisory board member and cocktail historian David Wondrich is nothing short of miraculous. It's not only the perfect way to entertain a party, but the dark rumVSOP and port combination has a well-rounded, citrusy flavor and isn't too sweet. The key ingredient is a little black tea, which has just enough caffeine to keep the party going!



  1. Place a 2-3L bowl of water in the freezer and let freeze overnight.
  2. Peel 6 lemons with a swivel-bladed vegetable peeler, trying not to get any of the white pith.
  3. In bowl, muddle the peels with 1.5 cups of superfine sugar and let stand for an hour for the lemon oil to leach out.
  4. Juice the peeled lemons and add the juice to the sugar mixture, along with the tea.
  5. Strain out the peels and pour into a 4L container.
  6. Add the rum, VSOP, port and Grande Paris and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.
  7. To serve, unmold the block of ice into a 8L punch bowl.
  8. Add the chilled punch stock and top off with the club soda (or, if feeling dangerous, Champagne).
  9. Garnish with grated numeg and 1 seeded lemon sliced thinly. Serves 20.

Top Shelf Dark Rum Cocktail

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