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Making Gin with the Alembic Pot Still & Botanical Basket - Instructions

Making Gin with the Alembic Pot Still & Botanical Basket - Instructions

The botanical basket can be used with both the Turbo 500 and the Alembic distillation systems.

As a first step, you need to make a neutral spirit with the Turbo 500. Follow the instructions for distilling neutral spirit from a sugar wash with the Turbo 500, and then filter it through the EZ filter, as per standard instructions.

For the second infusion run, we recommend using a minimum amount of 6L (1.5 US Gal) of 40% ABV neutral, filtered spirit, watered down to 25L total volume. 

Alembic Pot Still Botanical Basket Instructions

  1. Add the filtered alcohol into the boiler and top up to 25 L (6.5 US Gal) with water.
  2. Fill botanical basket with the desired botanicals.
  3. Attach the copper condenser arm to the copper dome. Instead of using the stainless steel nut, secure the condenser arm to the dome using the head of the Still Spirits Botanical Basket. Ensure that the basket is secured tightly. Insert thermometer into the hole at the top of the condenser. Attach tubing as per standard instructions.
  4. Turn on unit. It will take approximately 1 hour to heat to boiling temperature. Once the temperature probe reaches 55°C (131°F) turn on the cooling water to a rate of 2.5 L (2.5 US qt) per min.
  5. Collect all the spirit into a 5 L (1.5 US Gal) demijohn. Stop collecting when the spirit reaches 20% ABV.
  6. Water down to 40% ABV and leave to settle before consumption.
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