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Pure Distilling REFLUX KIT - A great alternative to the T500

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The Pure Distilling Complete Kit contains everything you need to distill your own spirits, essential oils and water at home.

Fermenting is done in a Beer Me Boiler which can be self sterilised by boiling a little water for a few minutes. You can then heat the water to the correct yeast pitching temperature.

  • Spirit Maker Condenser with high yield output tap
  • Plastic Hose Connectors
  • 4m of 12.5mm Clear Vinyl Tubing
  • Smart Filter with stainless internals, clever Stainless plug and filter cartridge
  • Premium Spirit Yeast, Crystal Clear, Spirit Enhancer & Distilling Conditioner
  • "Beer Me” 30l Heated Fermenter (for boiling water ONLY – not for use with the still)
  • 60cm Stirring Paddle
  • Distilling Thermometer with Alarm, Hydrometer and Alcometer
  • 4L Chunk Soaking Pail
  • 100g samples of Bourbon Barrel Chunks
  • 100g samples of Whisky Port Barrel Chunks
  • 6 Sample Flavours Including Tennessee Bourbon, Whiskey, Kentucky Bourbon, Spiced Gold Rum, London Dry Gin & White Rum
This system completely eliminates all bottles, funnels, buckets, measuring equipment and the need for a separate fermenter. It is a truly well thought out system.

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