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NEW: Kegmaster Series X Base Fridge with Regulator

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Kegmaster Series X Base Fridge

This new kegerator model is a big step up from the older Series 4 model.  This new Series X has several major advancements:

  • 10% more power efficient
  • 15% faster cooling and better cooling in hotter climates
  • Thicker walls for improved insutation
  • Fits 4x 19L Corney Kegs (which can be purchased separately)

The Kegmaster Series X Base Fridge with Regulator includes:

  • Kegerator Main Body
  • MK4 Regulator
  • Wire Shelf
  • Black Plastic Wrap Around Drip Tray
  • Castor Wheels
  • CO2 Cylinder Holder (designed to suit 2.6kg gas cylinder)
  • Chrome Plated Guard Rail


      • 600mm Wide
      • 665mm Deep
      • 840mm Height