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Mangrove Jacks Kegerator Double Tap 2x Taps

Original price $1,999 - Original price $2,198
Original price
$1,999 - $2,198
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Impress your mates with a shiny kegerator – ideal for homebrewers and beer enthusiasts to keep your kegs chilled and ready to dispense.

With this 2 Tap Kegerator you can pour two of your favourite beers at the same time. Your beer will be delicious and chilled when poured straight into your glass, and as your beer matures more quickly, you’ll have the mates over in no time!

You can get started straight away as it comes with a complete dispensing solution including a CO2 regulator, easy to assemble gas and beer lines with push-fit components and a 2 tap stainless steel beer tower.

NOTE: All you need now is CO2 bottle and you’ll impress your friends in no time.


  • Can fit up to 3 x 19 L cornelius kegs or one 50 L commercial keg
  • Digital thermostat with a temperature range of 2-28°C (26-82 F)
  • Temperature is controlled using a front mounted digital thermostat so it is easy to set the optimum temperature for the type of beers being dispensed
  • Easy to assemble beer and gas lines to reduce foaming
  • Tap tower fan cooling system for perfect pouring 


  • Keg fridge with 5.8 cu.ft. keg cooling capacity
  • Robust MKIII C02 regulator
  • Gas and beer lines with push-fit components
  • 2 tap stainless steel beer tower
  • Stainless steel forward sealing taps
  • Cradle to hold a C02 bottle on the back of the keg fridge
  • Glass rack and fridge shelves
  • Tower fan
  • Drip tray

Kegerator Specs: 

  • Refrigerant – R600a
  • Rated Voltage - 220V – 240V
  • Rated Frequency - 50Hz
  • Rated Current - 0.8A
  • Temperature range - from 0-28°C

Kegerator Dimensions:

External Measurements

  • Tower Height – 320mm
  • Fridge Height – 880mm
  • Width - 600mm
  • Depth - 610mm / 730mm with CO2 Holder
  • Rail Height - 70mm
  • Wheels/Castors Height (on the base) - 55mm

Fridge Shelf

  • Depth - 375mm
  • Width - 535mm

CO2 Cylinder

  • Height - 470mm
  • Diameter - 130mm

Beer Tap

  • Mainly brass with some components made of silicone, stainless steel, plastic and rubber.

Tap Thread

  • Faucet - 18G
  • Shank - 14G


  • Internal diameter - 4mm
  • Outer diameter- 6mm

CO2 Cradle

  • Please note the kegerator comes with a cradle that goes on the back of the kegerator to hold the CO2 bottle. This hangs out approx 135mm from the back of the kegerator.


  • A minimum of 100mm clearance is required on the left- and right-hand side and the back of the kegerator.