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Gladfield Crystal Rye Malt 5 kg


Gladfield Crystal Rye Malt is made from wetting the rye and carefully kilning which produces a remarkably delicious and complex crystal malt with a slightly spicy caramel finish caramel and a nutty aroma.

Gladfield Crystal Rye Malt is superb in a range of beers including Pales and IPAs and brings a new level of complexity to Golden Rye beer styles and is fantastic in a Rye Lager where a little spiciness changes things up rather nicely.

Use up to 25% but as with all Ryes consider adding a few Rice Hulls as the ratio increases to assist lautering efficiency.

Please use the malt as fresh as possible and see our suggested recipe below for a for a delicious Golden Rye.


  • Certificate of Analysis: Crystal Rye 001
  • Colour: 78 EBC
  • How does it taste? Nutty caramel aroma, sweet slightly spicy finish.

Typical Uses & Styles:

  • Golden Ales
  • IPA
  • Lager
  • Pale Ale

Usage Rate Guidance:

  • Use 1-5% to enhance aroma and flavour characters without imparting bitterness or astringency.

  • Please use the malt as fresh as possible and see our suggested recipes below for a simple yet surprisingly complex NZ Dunkel.

Complementary Malts:

  • Vienna

Shelf Life:

At least one year when stored properly in dry conditions

Brew Recipes with Crystal Rye Malt:

Gladfield Golden Rye – 25 Litres


  • Original Gravity 1.045
  • Estimated ABV 4.6%
  • Target IBU 29.5
  • Mash at 65°C


  • 4.16kg  American Ale Malt (84%)
  • 0.40kg  Rye Malt (12%)
  • 0.40kg Crystal Rye Malt (4%)


  • 60 min – 18g Pacific Jade
  • 5 min – 10g Cascade


  • Lallemand BRY-97 US West Coast Ale Yeast - 2 x 11g sachets or
  • GY001 Nor Cal Ale #1 GigaYeast - 1 Gold Pitch