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WINTER SALE: Save 10% off Still Spirits Consumables with code SS10

Fuselex Ultimate Spirit Carbon Filter - Spirits / Turbo 500 / Turbo Yeast

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Fuselex Ultimate Carbon Spirit Filter - Stainless Steel Carbon Filter

Made of 304 Grade Stainless Steel and designed for the home brew industry, this filter is the best money can buy. Using 350 grams of Granulated Activated Carbon you get maximum contact time with your beverage, ensuring removal of taint and smell.

  • Mount the fuselex to a suitable wall fixture at a suitable height. It comes with a mounting bracket
  • Place collection container under the Fuselex filter i.e demijohn etc
  • Pack the flow control chamber with filter wool to prevent carbon dust getting into finished product
  • Connect the o-ring flow control chamber to the treatment chamber and fill the upper treatment chamber with course activated carbon
  • Screw the o-ring treatment chamber to the Fuselex header tank
  • Put your 40% cut of spirit into the header tank and wait 45minutes so the spirit saturates the carbon and then open the tap.
  • Open the tap fully to get around 250ml of spirit and set it aside as it may have a little carbon dust in it
  • Adjust the tap back to 1 drop per second 
  • Put the first 250ml back into the header tank and run through the filter again
  • 350g of activated carbon will filter 20ltr of 40% cut

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