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Icon Liqueur Black Raspberry Royale Essence (shipping late May)


Just add water and vodka or filtered alcohol

A delightfully decadent, French inspired liqueur. Legend has it this wild raspberry inspired liqueur was a favourite of King Louis XVI.

Makes 1x 1L bottle.


  • Add one bottle of your favourite Icon Liqueurs flavouring to your homemade distilled neutral alcohol and follow the instructions on the back for the perfect mix
  • Rinse out any remaining flavouring from the bottle with some of the alcohol
  • Shake well
  • Peel the removable label off the front of the pouch and use it to label your handcrafted liqueur
  • Enjoy, store for later, or give away as a gift!

Cocktail Suggestion: Black Raspberry Spritz 



  • Take a large wine glass and fill it up with ice.
  • Add Icon Black Raspberry Royal, white wine and soda.
  • And bon, your tonsils purr like a koala.

Still Spirits Icon Liqueur Black Raspberry Royal Spritz