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CRAFT MEGA Pack: Next Generation Still Spirits Turbo 500 (T500) Copper Condenser & Alembic Pot Condenser

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Everything you need to make your complete range of authentic spirits

The Turbo 500 solid Copper Condenser is the worlds most advanced fractioning column for home distillation. It is designed to produce commercial grade high purity alcohol (93%+) and provide maximum alcohol yield (95%+). As it comes ready to use, it is extremely simple to operate and is a stunning looking handcrafted solid copper condenser. 

The Alembic Pot Condenser designed for the artisan distiller. While the T500 is designed to strip all flavours from the wash, the Alembic Pot Condenser combined with a boiler forms a pot still, which is designed to retain and enhance flavours in the wash. Perfect for when you are distilling whiskey, rum, and brandy washes to make the spirit from traditional ingredients, just like the professionals.

Our CRAFT MEGA pack includes everything you need to produce three batches of pure alcohol using the Turbo 500 Condenser, one batch of bourbon using the Alembic Pot Condenser with the whiskey yeast and Bourbon Chips of your choice plus once batch of whiskey with the Still Spirits Barrel 674 Single Malt Whiskey Distillery Kit. The full list of inclusions is as follows:

  • Turbo 500 Copper Condenser
  • Alembic Pot Copper Condenser
  • 25L Boiler
  • 30L Plastic Fermenter complete with Tap, Sediment Reducer, Airlock, Grommet and Stick On Thermometer
  • EZ Filter
  • 5L Measuring Jug/Collector
  • 50cm Stirring Spoon
  • Wash Hydrometer
  • 0-100% Alcometer 
  • 5 x ECD Cold Water Detergent 25g
  • 5 x No Rinse Steriliser 25g
  • Distillers Conditioner (defoaming agent)
  • Ceramic Boilers 
  • Water Flow Controller for Kitchen, Laundry and Outdoor taps
  • Garden Hose Adaptor 
For the Turbo 500 Condenser:
  • 6kg Turbo Sugar
  • Classic 6 Yeast (the "all rounder" with low fermentation odor and an operational air temperature range of 15°C-30°C)
  • Fast Yeast (the quickest Turbo Yeast on the planet, fermenting out 6kg of sugar in less than 24 hours and producing very good distillate)
  • Pure Yeast (a breakthrough in Turbo Yeast development making it possible to produce “triple distilled” quality alcohol at home)
  • 3 x Turbo Carbon
  • 3 x Turbo Clear
  • 3 x EZ Filter Carbon Cartridges
  • 6 x Premium Classic Essences 1.125L (American Bourbon, QLD Gold Rum & Classic Whiskey)*
  • 6 x Top Shelf Essences 2.25L (your choice - click here to see the options)
  • 3 x Icon Liqueurs (Butterscotch Schnapps, Cafelua & Irish Cream)*
  • Bourbon Staves 200g (deeply charred 100% American Oak)
      For the Alembic Pot Condenser:
        (SHIPPING TBA) Still Spirits Barrel 674 Single Malt Whiskey Distillery Kit which includes:
          • Whiskey Distiller’s Yeast
          • Premium Single Malt Whiskey Substrate
          • Still Spirits Turbo Clear
          • Liquid Silicone Anti-foam
          • American Heavy Toasted Oak Chips
            Plus additional ingredients to make your own whiskey or bourbon:
              • 20g Distiller’s Yeast - Whiskey
              • 12g Distiller’s Enzyme - Alpha-amylase
              • 12g Distiller’s Enzyme - Glucoamylase
              • Still Spirits Turbo Clear
              • Still Spirits French Oak Medium Toast Carboy Spiral

              Do you need the Water Flow Regulator? If you are using your household water supply, we highly recommend it. Click here to read more.

              This is a great value pack as it comes with a range of Still Spirits Premium Classic essences, Top Shelf Essences and Icon Liqueurs plus additional Yeast, Carbon and Clear plus the Barrel 674 Distillery Kit which is an extra $310 worth of yeast, essences, liqueurs, grain and bourbon chips!

              *Classic Essence and Icon Liqueur selection is subject to availability and may change

              Check out the below video to see the difference between the Turbo 500 Reflux condenser and the Alembic Pot condenser:

              Check out the below instructions on how to use the Still Spirits Turbo 500. Please note, the condensers now come pre-packed with saddles, so you can skip this step. Also, they use a cap for the airlock which you shouldn't do, you should just fill it with water so air can escape and not get inside. You may also want to check our our Still Spirits Turbo 500 FAQs.

              VIDEO ONE: Making the wash

              VIDEO TWO: Distilling

              Check out the below series on using the Alembic Pot Condenser:

              Please note: If you plan to attach the T500 condenser to the 25L boiler to make a still, you will need permission from the ATO. If you plan to use the still to make alcohol, you will need a license from the ATO.