AfterPay, it's not OK

AfterPay, it's not OK

Dear AfterPay,

You have forced us to publicly call you out over your discriminatory and unethical practices. 

Four months ago you banned us from offering AfterPay to our customers, saying that "distillery equipment" constitutes a restricted good under your service agreement. You disabled our account immediately. 

We have now found other retailers that do offer AfterPay selling the EXACT SAME distillery equipment and their prices are 30% HIGHER than ours:

AfterPay MightyApe

AfterPay DistilleryKing

We sent this to AfterPay to ask them - why, when we sell distillery equipment, do they consider it a restricted good? And why when MightyApe sells THE EXACT SAME distillery equipment, it's OK? This is the response we got back:

We acknowledge your reference to other retailers selling similar goods, specifically Mighty Ape. We’re not able to share details of any partnership other than to people authorised, similarly we would not discuss Distillery King with Mighty Ape if they enquired. However, we can assure you that we regularly review merchant websites if we believe Restricted Goods are being sold and take appropriate action.   

- Alex Wood, Senior Manager, Risk and Business Optimisation, AfterPay, April 17th 2018

So, basically, they have done a deal with MightyApe to allow them to sell the same products as us but for 30% more making both of them more money. And while they disabled our account IMMEDIATELY, MightApe's is still live and you can still buy the EXACT SAME products as us on their site with AfterPay, check out their listing here.

For those of you unaware, AfterPay makes its money by charging us retailers a commission - a whopping 6% of the sales price. Higher prices means higher commissions for AfterPay, so it makes sense that they would want to manipulate the market and make you pay more.

It's not fair. And we need your help to tell them as they stopped replying to our emails a long time ago. 

Please email the following contacts at AfterPay to tell them IT'S NOT OK. It's not OK to discriminate against small business. It's not OK to work with big business to manipulate prices in the market. And it's not OK to make consumers pay more for using AfterPay. 

  • Alex Wood: (Senior Manager, Risk and Business Optimisation)
  • Michael Roth: (Head of Legal)
  • Nathan Ezekiel: (Business Development Manager)
  • Hannah Wiseman: (we don't know who Hannah is, but she is cc-ed on their later emails to us) 

We are happy to share the full unedited emails with AfterPay on this matter on request. Please contact us here if you would like a copy.

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Mark - July 31, 2018

Funk After Pay!
Who needs them!
Go with the opposition and make them glad you picked them.

OweN - June 6, 2018

This happen to my wife business as well, she sells alcoholic gift sets all her competitors who are Deseret still can sell them but she can’t.
I wonder if this would come under some fair trading laws as it’s giving our competitors an unfair advantage

Andy - July 31, 2018

I prefer Zip over Afterpay. Much easier to keep track of payments.

Andrew - May 23, 2018

After pay you rip off guttless dogs

Wade - May 22, 2018

Why not just go with Openpay or ZipPay? Hit em hard and go with a competitor!

Michael Winn - May 22, 2018

Seems like they like sticking it to the little guy’s. Well done calling them out, and you are right, It’s definitely not OK!

Stephen - May 22, 2018

Congratulations for calling Afterpay to account for their actions. It seems they are starting to act with arrogance and impunity because they have the lions share of the market but they are looking more and more like the greedy group buying and groupon style sector every day
Good luck getting traction

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